Team Building

We have successfully conducted hundreds of team building programs for various corporations, sports teams, church, and student groups. Our core message is that, every-one of us has something unique to offer!


Corporate Team Building

Do you have trouble finding ways to improve morale and productivity?Perhaps you’re just looking to reward your employees with some fun and freedom from the workplace?

Team BuildingIn an age of cubicles, email and communication overload… the most critical element in creating teamwork is trust and inter-personal relationships. What better way to enhance teamwork than by having FUN together
Just imagine your co-workers sliding down giant slides, driving motorized toilet racers, hanging upside down from our Velcro wall or answering trivia questions on our game show mania? These are just a few of the hilarious activities that will create some memorable experiences for your group!

How Do We Plan Your Event?

Puzzle’s Fun Dome is a 22,000 square foot facility jam packed with awesome activities for everyone. We’ve found that adults often have more fun than the kids. Imagine that! We have many flexible options to choose from, anywhere from two to four hours to have a great team event!

We’ve had School Teachers, IT professionals, Sales and Customer service managers, Front line supervisors and administrative employees .


Teens (Teams against Bullying)

How can YOU help your students overcome BULLYING?

How about a Fun Field trip that supports the vision of CARE for kids!

Did you know that up to 90% of student’s say they are bothered by bullying! Did you know that 24% of students say they are bullied at school? There’s no doubt that bullying is a big problem and school administrators are focused on creating a peaceful caring classroom that promotes a sense of belonging in all students in an effort to stop bullying in its tracks. Certainly, the Care for kids focus will improve the student’s social development. The critical element is a sense of connection to school and their peers. What better way to improve a sense of connection than with a teambuilding program for students!

Does your school desire stronger teacher/student relationships? Do you find it difficult to plan a field trip experience, that is fun for your students, yet, meet core content standards? Is all the hard work to combat thenegative consequences of cliques represented on the field trips? Or, do students digress into the same dozens of groups, cliques and comfort zones?

We Can HELP! Puzzle’s Fun Dome offers a team building program designed to use enjoyable games and activities that eliminate cliques, help all students understand that every one of us has something unique to offer. The mostcritical element in creating teamwork is trust and inter-personal relationships. What better way to enhance teamwork than by having FUN together!

Your students enjoy the fun activities while learning how to work with others, improve decision-making skills, inter-personal communication skills and creative thinking by using win/win strategies!

Planning a field trip is no easy task! It takes a lot of effort to coordinate activities where everyone can participate regardless of physical abilities or limitations. We guarantee that everyone can participate in our team building courses and will be talking about the experience for days to come…

We Promise… We Will Engage All of your students!